Industrial Fasteners in Cleveland, Ohio


Domestic Manufacturer of Specialty Fasteners based in Brooklyn Hts, Ohio:

Cold Heading, Rod Heading, Thread Rolling, Bent Bolts, Threaded Studs, Wire Drawing, Wire Straighten and Cutting, Hinge Pins, Chamfer Pins, Chamfer Rods, and assemblies.

     *Cold Heading

   Cold Headed Fasteners, bolts, screws and special customer-designed fasteners.

*Rod Heading
   Rod Headed Fasteners, Long Bolts, Collared Bolts, and Extruded Rods.

*Roll Threading
  Thread Rolling including standard threads, metric threads, special threads, knurls, grooves and chamfering. 

*Bent Bolts
  Bents Bolts including Cold Headed and Rod Headed Bolts, Hook Bolts, J-Bolts, U-Bolts, L-Bolts, and Collared Bolts.

*Engineering & Manufacturing
  Our industrial fastener engineering, prototyping and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality. Our AutoCAD® drawing and quality procedures aid   us in manufacturing fasteners to your specification.


About Us

Make high-quality products for your customer with industrial fasteners produced at our plant in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio including cold headed fasteners, rod headed fasteners, threaded fasteners, threaded studs, chamfer pins, hinge pins, chamfer rods, long bolts, and Collared Bolts. All the fasteners we provide are backed by over 75 years of combined experience in fastener manufacturing. Our commitment to quality insures your project requirements are met from start to finish.

“Quality from Raw Material to Finished Product”