Cold Heading in Cleveland, Ohio

  Cold Heading Capabilities:  Diameter– .125”–.500” Length–6” Max.
Cold Heading Division Products, Cold Headed Fasteners in Brooklyn Heights, OH
Weld Studs Rivets
• Dot Weld Studs
• Ring Weld Studs
• Lug Weld Studs
• Solid Rivets
• Shoulder Rivets
Staking Bolts Collar Studs
• Fin Shoulder Bolt
• Square Shoulder Bolt
• Knurled Shoulder Bolt
• Weld Ring Studs
• Weld Dot Studs
• Shoulder Studs
Rivets, Long Bolts, and Specials, Cold Headed Fasteners in Brooklyn Heights, OH
Shoulder Bolts and Staking Bolts, Cold Headed Fasteners in Brooklyn Heights, OH
Chamfered Stud Pointing
• Double End Studs
• Extruded End Studs
• Radial End Studs
• Bump Studs
• Header Point
• Extrusions
• Cut Point


Head Styles:
• Flat head Bolts
• Truss Head Fasteners
• Round Head Fasteners
• Fillister Head Bolts
• Cone Head Bolts
• Ball Head Fasteners
• T-Head Bolts
• Offset Head Fasteners
• Indented Hex Fasteners
• Trimmed Hex Fasteners
• Indented Square Fasteners
• Trimmed Square Bolts
• Philips Head Bolts
• Six-Lobe Bolts
• Specials
Materials Available
Carbon Steel

1006                       1010                       1018                       1022

1045                       1541                       4037                       8620

• Aluminum                            • Brass                             • Stainless

Cold Headed Fasteners Made to Your Specifications



In our domestic manufacturing plant near Cleveland, Ohio, we produce cold headed fasteners including weld bolts, staking bolts, chamfered studs, rivets, collar studs and a variety of other special fasteners. There are many head and point styles available based on the customer's needs.