Rod Headed Fasteners in Cleveland, OH

  Rod Headed Fasteners–Long Bolts:
High Speed 2-Station Rod Heading
Diameter– 1/8” to 3/8” Length– Up to 20”

Rod Heading Forms:     Products:

·         Extruded Rods                          *Fractional Horsepower Motors

·         Round Head Bolts                     *Cable & Wire Reels

·         Indented Hex Bolts                    *Ladders

·         Flat Head Bolts                         *Conveyors

·         Phillips Head Bolts                     *Furniture & Appliance

·         Truss Head Bolts                       *Lawn & Garden

·         (6) Lobe Bolts                            *Construction

·         Fillister Head Bolts

·         Cone Head Bolts

·         Collar Studs

·         Special Bolts

Materials Available
Carbon Steel

1006                       1010                       1018                       1022

1045                       1541                       4037                       8620

• Aluminum                            • Brass                             • Stainless Steel
  Rod Headed Fasteners Made to Your Specifications

Our State of the Art equipment allows us to produce the highest quality rod headed fasteners and long bolts such as extruded rods, round head bolts, indented hex bolts, flat head bolts, phillips head bolts, truss head bolts, 6-Lobe Bolts, fillister head bolts, cone head bolts, and collar studs.